Steel Driven Piles

Steel driven piles are considered a deep foundation and are installed with either our Drop or Vibro Hammers. The pipe is driven until it reaches the specified load bearing capacity, we have the capability of driving them to 25,000+ lbs. Due to the nature of the install process you have a pile that has been pre-tested and has shown that it can confidently carry the load. The same process is also used for Sheet Piles, Timber Piles and H-Piles.

Screw Piles

Screw piles have a single helix at the bottom of the pipe, our standard is a 16" by 1/4" flighting. They are screwed into the ground and are installed mostly with our skid-steer. These piles come in 10' or 15' lengths and if needed 10' or 15' extensions. For larger loads we can provide larger or double helix as well. Great for decks and sunrooms in finished or small back yards.

Rock Anchoring

Rock Anchoring is typically used where bedrock is at the surface or within 7' of the surface. A hole is drilled into the rock and the pipe is driven into the hole with our Vibro Hammer. Great for Cottage Country.

Plasma Cutting

We have a 4' x 8' plasma table with the capacity to cut up to 1/2" flat steel, as well as tube cutting up to 12" diameter. We can also help with design. Low lead times and No minimum order requirements.


We have an assortment of caps in stock. If need be custom caps can also be designed to fit your individual needs.

Caps for concrete wall or thickened edge

Caps for wood or steel beam; adjustable or fixed


The pricing for our piles vary depending on type, location, weight, travel time and how many there are at a given job, so give us a call or shoot us an email! 


We do pilings for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects. Some of our projects include:

Dock Piles at Gimli Harbour

Butterfly Enclosure Assiniboine Park

Bridge at Garson

Sign for New Bothwell